Season Opening with Tai Murray

The Lansdown Suite, City of Bath Apex Hotel
Ticket Price:
£25/£5 (under 18's)

Aaron Copland Hoe-Down from Rodeo
Samuel Barber Violin Concerto
Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Violin: Tai Murray

Conductor: Jason Thornton

Bath Philharmonia presents an evening of dance infused orchestral music. Aaron Copland’s Hoe Down, from his ballet Rodeo, promises to make you want to don your finest cowboy boots and take your partner by the hand. Albeit a world away, Wagner called Beethoven’s 7th Symphony “The Apotheosis of The Dance” and this symphony is one of the ultimate live concert hall experiences. This music jumps, cartwheels, dives and dances with a joyous energy that is unstoppable, insatiable and completely infectious.

Samuel Barber, most noted for his deeply moving Adagio for Strings, composed some of the most iconic American orchestral works. The first two movements of his Violin Concerto, commissioned by a very wealthy industrialist who was also an amateur violinist, exploits the violin’s lyrical qualities and the soulful intense middle movement guarantees the concerto’s popularity. However, the demanding final movement was initially dismissed as unplayable upon its first presentation! Expect a fiendishly challenging yet stunning finale!

Described as "superb" by The New York Times, Tai Murray is one of America’s most brilliant and gifted violinists of her generation. We are delighted to welcome her to Bath for the first time to perform this gorgeous but unbelievably virtuosic concerto.

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