Partnership Projects

Music in Action loves finding out about people and their local communities. Just as Bath Philharmonia brings together many different musicians to perform, we bring together different (and often inter-generational) communities to explore the impact that music can have on social cohesion and local pride.

Heritage Projects

We often work with communities to explore a theme or celebrate local heritage. We might work with museums, heritage centres, schools, local history associations, community groups or elderly residents homes to introduce difficult and challening themes and histories to a younger generation through the composition and performance of live music.

During the 100th anniversary years of World War One (and with support to the community organisations from the Heritage Lottery Fund),  we have explored local history in many different towns and villages, celebrating and bringing to life the stories of those who gave their life in the Great War. During these projects, the young people that we have worked with have found out some amazing things about their towns, villages and sometimes themselves. 

Before Music in Action arrives the participants research their history and heritage. Their research forms the basis of the music we create. At the end of the week there is a concert of the music, and it can be exceptionally moving for both performers and audience. It is the perfect way to integrate cross curricular work with music multi-media presentation.